Ministry Goings-On (warded private, viewable by Dumbledore)

I must say, Albus, if any of our faculty were to turn out to be Ministry staff, I would have expected it to be Marvo. Instead, it appears to be Gareth.

Or am I mistaken to think that he is inordinately involved in chasing after his ward?

We might consider getting him a teaching assistant, Albus. Gareth did say to me that he thinks it is unfair to Marvo to impose on him so frequently and suddenly, like this. I'll discuss it with Marvo. If he is able to handle the extra work, then I'll let him.

By the way, has there been any word from Harry?

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Owl to Isodora Radan

Dear Isodora,

I am glad to hear of your sister's wedding. She worked in the library, the last week of June, and of course she was a student here. Please pass on my best wishes to her.

How are you recovering, dear? Judging from what I have read in the papers, I can't imagine it's been easy, and I hate to think of young Mr. Rachinov being where he is. He was in such a state, those last weeks of school--I have no idea what the Ministry were thinking, to sentence him there--if indeed they did think.

I've settled into a summer cottage near Dublin, but I'm rather tempted to see if its owner is willing to sell, as I quite like it, and I'm not getting any younger.

Have you decided whether you will return to Hogwarts in September? I hope you will; Irma has been quite beside herself, lately, and there is nothing more frightening than a desperate librarian. (g)

My best to you, dear.

Minerva McGonagall
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International Express Owl to Mr./Mrs. Sebastian Radan

(Dated Monday, 31st May)

Dear Signor e Signora Radan,

I regret that I must write with disturbing news for you. Your daughter Isodora, our Library Assistant, was last seen Saturday evening. When she did not appear for meals on Sunday, it was thought that she had gone to London with her brother and sister, who had come to atttend the quidditch final, that weekend, as she did as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

When she did not appear for meals on Monday, Madam Pince, our Librarian, consulted me, and we decided to enter your daughter's quarters. There, we found everything very neat and tidied up. Her wand was on the pillow of her bed, her broom by the window, and all of her clothing in the wardrobe. All of her other possessions, including her books, appeared in place.

Her owl held a piece of jewelry in ints talons, along with a note addressed to my Teaching Assistan, written in Italian.A children's book was left for our Head Boy, and a couple of World Cup tickets were found in her desk drawer, addressed to another 7th year student.

All appearances are that she left of her own accord. We are mystified by this.

Upon further conversation with our Head Boy, Mr. Graves, it was revealed that Isodora has been unable to perform magic for at least a week--approximately since her last visit to London. Mr. Graves stated he was under the impression that something was frightening her then--that she believed her loss of magic to be an attack upon herself, possibly by the same people who knocked her from her broom a year ago. Mr. Graves stated that Isodora told him she was hesitant to report this because she believed, if it did not happen to her, it would happen to someone else, possibly someone else in her family. She did not want that.

Mr. Graves was not aware, but your daughter did in fact seek help from our staff, though I was not privy to this communication at the time. She wrote to our Potions Master and to both of our Defence professors. My impression is that they had very little to go on and are as baffled as the rest of us.

Is there any information you can provide us that might assist us in determining what has happened to Isodora? I am most concerned, and we would like to find her as quickly as possible, lest anything else happen.


Professor Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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Owl to Headmaster Dumbledore


Am at St. Mungo's. Anders and the Slovenian Seeker took a dreadful fall from their brooms during the match, and Anders is in surgery. Will return to Hogwarts, once he is out of the operating theatre.

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Handwriting Comparisons (To faculty & staff)

I have gotten through some of the in-class essays from Tuesday. Most of them are perfectly normal, thank goodness. In fact, I would say the vast majority are. I still have more to go, but at least two show signs of change--students we had not previously suspected--Megan Jones and Nathan Greenley.

Of the two, Nathan's seems the more odd, as if he has not experienced a switching of souls, but is rather sharing his consciousness with someone else. His handwriting vacillates between his own and the new one at a swift rate, sometimes as often as every other word in a paragraph, sometimes as rarely as one or two words in a paragraph being of the unfamiliar script.

I shall continue working at that and will provide a full report as soon as I can.

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Handwriting Samples (Warded to staff, only)

I had the 6th year students in my classes today, and I gave them all an in-class essay to write.

At least one student, Mary Elizabeth Gregory, exhibited clearly different handwriting than her usual (see attached). I am also looking at several others, but I am no graphologist, and the differences I noticed are more subtle than in Miss Gregory's.

Tomorrow, I shall do the same in the 7th year classes and let you know what results I get.


Attachment: Handwriting samples from Mary Elizabeth Gregory, one dated in February, and the other on 29th March. The March sample is written in a heavy, but fast, angular hand. The February sample is more rounded and connected.
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That Pair (private)

Well, I don't know what to make of our new Defence professors. In the first-year classes, I am told that one of them made three students cry before five minutes had passed, and that the other one admitted he went into their class with the express purpose of trying to frighten them.

How a person can frighten anyone by merely walking into a room, I don't know; I suppose I would have had to have been there.

I don't know what Albus was thinking of.

We now have an Egyptian artifact stored here at the school, though Albus is keeping this very quiet; no overt threats, even. One might argue that this is aschool, not a museum, but Hogwarts has so very many curiosities stored in its nooks and crannies that I doubt one more will make much of a difference. I was quite worried about Lilith traveling there, though; the Middle East is such a hot spot, nowadays.

The summer will be upon us, soon. I should begin making arrangements for lodgings. I believe I'll stay in Ireland, this year. Anders is there, now, and I would like to visit with the teachers of St. Ceridwyn's.

Edit: Oh my heavens! I've foound a place! It's a cottage in Lusk, County Dublin. I must enquire with their agent, to see if the cottage is to let for the summer.
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